Onix Gloria Cattery


Our collective cattery was created in 1991. During years of work our united collective body attained big success. We, one of the first had pure-blooded Siberian kittens (whith full four generation genealogy). Two of them (Sherkhan Onix Gloria and Sharlotta Onix Gloria) participated in the Jubilee FIFE Moscow exhibition in April 1997.

The breeding FIFE Commision was invited to this Exhibition for examination of Siberian cats and making decision of the Siberian breed recognition. Animals from different Russian clubs, catteries, working on formation of breed from the day of the first Russian club foundation have been represented at the Exhibition.

Our Sherkhan and Charlotta have been recognized to be the best young Siberian animals of the Exhibition and Galeous Onix Gloria, their father (owner — Andreyeva Oksana) was recognized to be the best Siberian adult male.

On May 31, 1997 Galeous Onix Gloria and Tsarevna Cecillia Seliger represented the Siberian breed at the FIFE General Assembly. The General Assembly decided to officially recognize the Siberian breed in all the coloration, exept chocolate, lilac and color-point. From now on the Siberian cats of this organization will be able to win champion titles.

In 1999 Onix Gloria Odessa of Kravchenko represented the Siberian breed at the CFA Board.

The Onix Gloria cattery is officially registered with FIFE and CFA, but our cats successfully complete and as well win titles at the WCF exhibitions.

At present, we work on our beloved, very beautiful, the most uncommon and very difficult in breeding, gold coloration.

Our cats have many impressive offsprings.

Here are information of several of them:

Outstanding offsprings

    • World Champion WCF Wolnushka Onix Gloria lives in Warsaw, Poland, Kicia*PL cattery

Wolnushka won BOB three times.

    • SC FIFe Camilla Onix Gloria (from Marysya Onix Gloria) lives in Norwey, Siberikos cattery

Camilla has the following titles:

12 x Best in Variant (BIV), 12 x Nominations (NOM), 4 x Best in Show (BIS) Best Club-Cat in cat. 2 both days at Trønderkattens show in 2007. Nr. 7 on NRR`s Cat of the Year-list in 2007 for adults in cat.2. Best adult Siberian 2007 in Norway and Sweden. Best Club-Cat in cat. 2 on Saturday at KKMN show in 2009.

Baikal has the following titles:

4 * Best in Variety, 8 * nom. Best in Show, 6 * Best in Show, 3 * Best of Best, 1 * Best of All, 2 * Sonderpreis

Barguzin has the following titles: 1*Best of All, 3*BOB.

    • Onix Gloria Biryusinka of Jokieva was one of the first Siberian in Canada and represents the Siberian breed in Canadian Cat Assotiation (CCA)
    • DVM, SC (FIFe) Figaro Onix Gloria lives in Ukraine, in Zaimka cattery