Siberian kittens for sale

Information about selling Onix Gloria kittens

Onix Gloria is a collective family based Pet Nursery. Our breeding females and males live separately in different homes, so we breed only as we plan. We prefer to keep only one litter in the home at a time. Our kittens are raised with the familiy and socialized with kids, dogs, and other cats, etc. They are never raised in cages. Every kitten gets lots of attention.

Our cats are pure Siberian with bloodlines that go back more then four generations of registered ancestry. We produced many titled cats. You can see some of them at this sate. They are WCF World Champion Iriska, SGC BOB RW
Onix Gloria Jupiter of Koshechkarus, who won 2002 Best Of The Breed Siberian Cat In The International Cat Association (TICA), QGC Onix Gloria Diana, European Champion Onix Gloria Dobrynia,  World Champion WCF Wolnushka Onix Gloria, SC FIFe Camilla Onix Gloria, World Champion WCF Baikal Onix Gloria, Grand Champion FIFe Barguzin Onix Gloria lives in Poland, in Diva Siberia cattery, Grand Champion CFA Kazhachka Onix Gloria and many other Grand Champions and Champions. Our cats won Best in Variety and Best in Show.

We provide a health guarantee. A sample contract can be send by e-mail at your request.
We have an experience in shipping outside of the country and are very familiar with preparing cats for long flights. Our kittens have all needed vaccinations: a rabies vaccination, a set of vaccinations for protection against feline panleukopenia (FPV), feline viral rhinotracheitis (FHV-1), and feline calicivirus (FCV). A Russian Federation Health
Certificate signed by an examining veterinarian shall be furnished to buyer at the time of sale. Our kittens are shipped on
a trustworthy airline and are flown to your closest international airport.
Our cats live in different countries: USA, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Canada, France, Holland, and Hungary.

We will provide you all the information about your future furry friend: pictures, pedigree information, and pictures of ancestors. We will tell you about kitten’s temper and predilections.

We continue to communicate with the buyer for as long as they may need assistance with information about their kitten.