Category: Behavior

Siestadream’s Nebraska of Onix Gloria

Our new female has arrived from Spain!

8 December 2012 we (Tatiana and Alexander) have arrived from Madrid with Siestadream's Nebraska. Our new female is 4 month now. Siestadream's Nebraska was born in Oviedo, Spain, in Siestadream cattry, the breeder is Onofre Martinez. Her father is Merlin Onix Gloria, her mother is Siestadream's Iskra. The pedigree is full...
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Kittens and dogs

Niagara and her litter X are living with Pomeranian spitzes. They plays together very funny. This dogs do fine living with cats and kittens not have any fear of dogs, so they play like a best friends. Many people think that cats and dogs can't get along, and that socializing kittens with dogs is difficult. Not So! We know many households where Siberian cats and dogs coexist...
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