Siestadream’s Nebraska of Onix Gloria

Our new female has arrived from Spain!

8 December 2012 we (Tatiana and Alexander) have arrived from Madrid with Siestadream’s Nebraska.

Our new female is 4 month now. Siestadream’s Nebraska was born in Oviedo, Spain, in Siestadream cattry, the breeder is Onofre Martinez. Her father is Merlin Onix Gloria, her mother is Siestadream’s Iskra.
The pedigree is full of legendary forefathers, one of them is famous female from Czech Republic EC, DM FIFe, Zinaida (the owner Tomkova Nadezhda, the breeder Andreeva Oksana). By the way, Zinaida was been brought in Czech Republic by Tatiana Alekseeva in 1997.

Thank you very much for wonderful kitten, Onofre!

She is so affectionate, cute and playful!

Here you can see the first pictures of Siestadream’s Nebraska in new home:

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  1. Siestadream’s Nebraska of Onix Gloria

    Many hugs and kisses to Nebraska from her parents Merlin OG & Iskra, wishing her the best in her new home :- )